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We are LED lighting experts who help customers all over the world improve the quality of their illumination.

Led Eco Lightning

We are the ones who will help you save your money and environment. 
We are LED Eco lighting and we do consultancy, supply and installation. We specialise in LED lighting and energy-efficient solutions. We have helped all types of organisations in all industry sectors light their buildings more efficiently for over a decade. Switching to LED has saved our customers serious amounts of CO2 emissions and thousands of pounds on their electricity bills.

Saving money

Saving enviroment

Saving time

Keeping better health

Try to calculate how much you can save

Number of lights
Average power of one light (Watts)
Hours used per day
Energy cost per kWh
1 year
5 years
Money savings
CO2 emissions (kg CO2/kWh)
Return on investment
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LEDs have a rated life of up to 50,000 hours.

This is approximately 50 times longer than a typical incandescent lights. You can easily save your time by not maintaining and changing the lights so often.

Switching to LED lighting has the potential to reduce lighting costs by as much as 60%

For example, offices with 1.000 lights running 24/7 can save 15.000£ annualy.

It may vary depending on your current lighting type and quantity.

How it works

Get in touch

Contact us to arrange a visit and survey. We will visit your business and will do a report where you can easily see the numbers what we can achieve and how much you can save.

Design & planning

Our lighting designer will create a strategic plan of what lights in which areas will we use to achieve the best design and energy saving.

Start of the project

When you will be happy to proceed we will arrange a starting date for your project. We will take care of everything. Sourcing, supplying, waste removal etc. are things you do not have to be worry about.

Our team always take care of...


We always keep our stock clean and tidy. Our team-leader on site will make sure that the material is not in someone’s way and only in predetermined spaces.


It is important to us as it is for you to remove the waste. That is why we work with many partners to make sure that everything will be taken care of in the right way. We are not saving just money but the environment too.

Equipment and Safety

We work with many companies and our partners are providing us with all the correct equipment so you don’t have to worry about anything.

We are ensuring the safety of our workers and your staff. We are always trying to find a way how to get the work done safely and not stopping other people from working.